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Interview Cake is a tool that helps software engineers prepare to interview at top companies like Yahoo! Thousands of applicants interview with Yahoo! each year, and so many show up unprepared after only having done some basic interview prep. That’s not enough to land your dream job at Yahoo! We can help you ace your technical interview by giving you an interview strategy to prepare for even the toughest questions

Yahoo! has long been regarded as one of the top companies in the world. Their engineering team is top-of-the-line and are hyper-focused on groundbreaking solutions for the everyday user. With the competition constantly pressuring them to think out of the box, Yahoo! has high expectations for their engineering team. The interview at Yahoo! will challenge you. You will be expected to prove that you are the best of the best. Interview Cake’s strategic approach to interview prep will make sure that you’re covering all of the bases ahead of your interview with Yahoo!

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Yahoo!’s coding interviews are hard, but not impossible. It just takes some practice. Our program is a step-by-step guide to coding interview preparation.

What people are saying about Yahoo's interview

Check out some of the positive highlights that others have written about their Yahoo! interview experience on Glassdoor:

  • ”Very straightforward. Lots of data structure and algorithm question. The interviewers were friendly and helped with the questions. The interview process took couple of hours. Lot's of white boarding. I will suggest practice question on whiteboard. It will help.”
  • ”The first phone interview was on an array problem. It involved finding lowest unique minimum. The second phone interview was a string DP problem - it was challenging. The interviewer was very kind and gave me extra time to write pseudo code as I came up with another solution (the first one I gave was incorrect) towards the end.”

And here are some of the negative experiences interviewees have reported to Glassdoor:

  • ”Three round, each 45minutes. Did not even have time to have lunch. First round about system design, second half system design, half coding. Third, a coding question which is really hard.”
  • ”It is a phone interview, asked some basic technical problems. The person interviewed me did not ask anything about my resume, just the basic principle I learned in class. I was asked some problem about OS, database and algorithm.”
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