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Amazon Interview Questions

We've helped several engineers get the job at Amazon

Cody got the job at Amazon:

Cody, happy user

Your practice problems boosted my confidence and helped me to think critically throughout the process. And I got the job! Just wanted to say thanks.

Abhijeet got the job at Amazon:

Abhijeet, happy user

Thanks again for everything, Parker. Interview Cake really prepared me to land the offer.

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Practice Questions for the Amazon Interview

Interviewing for a software engineering position at Amazon? Start with our practice programming interview questions. We've helped several engineers get the job at Amazon already.

Writing an Automagic JavaScript Validator »

You're working with an intern that keeps coming to you with JavaScript code that won't run because the braces, brackets, and parentheses are off. To save you both some time, you decide to write a validator... keep reading »

Balancing a Binary Tree »

Write a function to see if a binary tree is "superbalanced" (a new tree property we just made up). A tree is "superbalanced" if the difference between the depths of any two leaf nodes is no greater... keep reading »

HiCal, Super Duper Calendar Software »

Your company built an in-house calendar tool called HiCal. You want to add a feature to see the times in a day when everyone is available. To do this, you’ll need to know when any team is... keep reading »

Making Change »

Write a function that, given: 1) an amount of money and 2) a list of coin denominations, computes the number of ways to make the amount of money with coins of the... keep reading »

Rectangular Love, Baby »

A crack team of love scientists has devised a way to represent dating profiles as rectangles on a two-dimensional plane. They need help writing an algorithm to find the intersection of two users' love rectangles... keep reading »

Highest Product of Three Numbers »

Given an array of integers, find the highest product you can get from any three of those integers. Challenge yourself to find the time and... keep reading »

Largest Stack »

Given a Stack class, implement a new class called MaxStack, with a function get_max() that returns the largest element in the stack. Your stack will only contain... keep reading »

The Stolen Breakfast Drone »

Your company delivers breakfast via autonomous quadcopter drones. Today something mysterious happened: one of the drones never made it back from a delivery. Each breakfast delivery is assigned a unique ID... keep reading »

Simulate a 5-Sided Die Using a 7-Sided Die »

You have a function rand7() that generates a random integer from 1 to 7. Use it to write a function rand5() that generates a random integer from 1 to 5. rand7() returns each integer with equal probability... keep reading »

Writing A Uniform Shuffle »

Write a function for doing an in-place shuffle of an array. The shuffle must be "uniform," meaning each item in the original array must have the same probability of ending up in each spot in the final array. Assume that... keep reading »

Inside an Amazon warehouse

A robotic arm stowing boxes at an Amazon warehouse. Amazon's motto is "Start with the customer and work backwards."

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"Our questions are behavioral-based and focused on assessing for fit. I encourage candidates to give examples that show how they can follow an inquiry and get to the root cause of something."

Miriam Park, director of MBA and university recruiting at Amazon


"It's fantastic being so close to a product where we can see how it impacts the actual customers."

— Chelsea Krueger, senior principal engineer at Amazon

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