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At Interview Cake, our sole focus is helping software engineers prepare for interviews at the best companies in the world, like LinkedIn. We are so confident that our interview prep strategy will help you land your dream job that we offer a money-back guarantee if it doesn’t. You can’t go into an interview with a company like LinkedIn and expect to just nail your interview without any preparation. Our software engineer interview prep course is the perfect strategy to make sure you’re ready when interview day arrives.

LinkedIn is one of the most recognizable names in social media. Lead by a team of world-class engineers, LinkedIn has pioneered the way that professionals connect, communicate and recruit. With the world’s top professionals relying on the platform to keep them connected to their professional networks, it’s no wonder why LinkedIn is known for having one of the most challenging interview processes in the industry. Nailing your interview at LinkedIn will be difficult for sure, but not impossible! Interview Cake can make sure you’re ready to ace your LinkedIn interview.

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Interviewing with LinkedIn will be a true test of your skills as a software engineer, but with the right strategy, you’ll be ready to knock the socks off your interviewers. Our program is a step-by-step guide to coding interview preparation.

What people are saying about LinkedIn's interview

Check out some of the positive highlights that others have written about their LinkedIn interview experience on Glassdoor:

  • ”The interview process included 4 rounds with 7 interviews total that ranged from: Behavioral/Fit, Technical, and Case Studies. Overall it was a thorough and comprehensive interview process with different members from the team and cross-functional business units. The process kicked-off with a phone interview and then I proceeded to additional interviews that were technical, case, & fit - interview. Be prepared to have a clear & succinct story about your background/experiences, know how to translate to the role, and brush up on your case study skills ahead of time.”
  • ”First two calls from LinkedIn recruiter and a 1 hour tech interview on Collabedit. Was very responsive. Interview processes was good. Work on your algorithm, programming and JavaScript.”

And here are some of the negative experiences interviewees have reported to Glassdoor:

  • ”There were two questions asked. Solved both on time but the feedback was "asked many questions to understand second problem". Not sure if that’s fair especially for a phone screen where we understand the problem before coding the solution.”
  • ”One of the interview sections was described by the coordinator before the interview process as "contrived" and had a trick answer; they then cited my not getting that trick answer as a justification for not hiring me.”
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