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Dropbox is recognized as being among the world’s leaders in file storage and sharing solutions. They have high expectations of their top-of-the-line team of engineers, and their interview to join this team is no joke. Dropbox interviews are tough, but they aren’t impossible. With the right tools and a systematic approach to preparation, you could be joining the Dropbox team in no time!

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Dropbox’s vetting process is known for being one of the toughest out there. You can’t walk into a Dropbox interview with rusty coding skills. Our program is a step-by-step guide to coding interview preparation.

What people are saying about Dropbox's interview

Check out some of the positive highlights that others have written about their Dropbox interview experience on Glassdoor:

  • ”I had two technical interviews and one interview for my questions only. First one I knew already so I let them know I met the problem already. They asked a different one and I started to think about it, after some loud thinking and sharing my ideas/challenges I came up with proper solution while also mentioning about how to extend the solution to a more generalized one as well as came up with a design of distributed system which could serve a high demand of User traffic. Second problem contained two sub-tasks and I coded both of them. As for the first one, there was quite some time to go over time/space complexity and to code a slightly more complicated version of the problem.”
  • ”The coding challenge was done through HackerRank but in a designated room on campus. I wasn't able to finish an optimized solution in time and only passed something like 6/10 test cases (remaining ones timed out), but still received an on-campus interview invitation within a few hours. On-campus interview was an hour long and had only one question, with the coding done through a shared notepad website. It didn’t take too long to complete but my interviewer asked a lot of follow up questions, mostly what-ifs, that filled most of the remaining time. I thought I did pretty well and had reasonably good answers to all of the questions, but received a notification about a week later that I didn’t pass to the next round.”

And here are some of the negative experiences interviewees have reported to Glassdoor:

  • ”Got a coding challenge - was expecting an algorithms problem but got an unexpected file I/O problem instead. Couldn't complete the challenge in the allotted time. Didn't move onto the next round. I recommend practicing file I/O for this, rather than traditional algorithms.”
  • ”Sometimes the interviewers will be intentionally vague and still won’t answer questions. Sometimes they want to see what assumptions you will make when forced to fill in the missing pieces yourself and sometimes they just want to see if you can ask the “right” questions, which they will then answer. It’s definitely a frustrating back and forth.”
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