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Interview Cake is a preparation strategy to help software engineers ace interviews at some of the world’s leading companies, like PayPal. Our strategic approach to programming interviews is designed to give engineers the tools they need to solve any programming interview question.

PayPal is the world leader in online payments. With millions of people and businesses worldwide trusting PayPal to ensure that their transactions process securely and smoothly, PayPal only hires highly-skilled engineers. The screening process for a position with PayPal is tough. With so much at stake, PayPal goes the extra mile to make sure that their team is best in class.

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PayPal’s interview process is designed to challenge you, but our strategic approach to interview preparation will make sure that you’re ready for any question they throw your way.

What people are saying about PayPal's interview

Check out some of the positive highlights that others have written about their PayPal interview experience on Glassdoor:

  • ”Interviewed for Front End Developer Software Engineer Intern position. Had two rounds of interview. Both the interviews were on Skype. Do be prepared with Leetcode coding. They asked me to share the screen and ensured that I pass all the test cases for the code I wrote on Leetcode.”
  • ”I had a phone call with the recruiter followed by a phone call technical interview. Upon passing this, had a two hour skype technical interview with 2 separate interviewers. They asked basic coding questions about data structures and algorithms. Finally, had onsite interview that included meeting with teams and another technical interview.”

And here are some of the negative experiences interviewees have reported to Glassdoor:

  • ”I received an email asking when I can be interviewed over the phone and was given technical questions on the very first call. On this call the interviewer was not friendly and did not let me know if my answers were heading in the correct direction. She was unhelpful and never gave any positive feedback whatsoever even though I now know some of my answers were correct.”
  • ”I was brought in to interview for a front end UI developer position. But every person (except 1) I met with was a Java developer. The questions asked to me were not related to the position I had been led to believe I was interviewing for. They were very disorganized and some of the interviews were with who would be my direct report except he was not understandable and located in CA.”
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