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Interview Cake helps software engineers land their dream jobs at the world’s top tech companies, like Oracle. Our strategic approach to programming interviews empowers engineers with the interview tools they need to solve even the most obscure programming interview question. When preparing to interview with a company like Oracle, strategy is key.

As one of the world’s leading database management providers, Oracle is known for providing top-of-the-line solutions for its users. You can expect that your interview at Oracle will be challenging and filled with a wide variety of questions. Memorizing past Oracle interview questions and their answers isn’t going to cut it. Oracle screens candidates thoroughly, and you’re going to need a solid strategy to knock this interview out of the park. Interview Cake can teach you a unique approach to preparing for your Oracle interview.

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What people are saying about Oracle's interview

Check out some of the positive highlights that others have written about their Oracle interview experience on Glassdoor:

  • ”Called for a 6 hour interview and was interviewed by 4 different engineers, a manager, director, VP and senior VP. The interviews by the engineers were fairly technical - questions on C, C++ templates, STL, vxworks and an aptitude question. The manager and above leaders asked fairly my work ethics and skills.”
  • ”First interview consisted of designing an application - identifying the functional requirements and justifying the tools I would use to implement them. I was also asked 3 puzzle problems and 1 coding problem. They were difficult but the Interviewer guided me to the correct solution, unlike other interviews I have given in the past.”

And here are some of the negative experiences interviewees have reported to Glassdoor:

  • ”It is very technical and intense. They asked a lot of relational database related questions in detail. It looks like they're looking for specific skill set. The interview has gone to coding level.”
  • ”Interview was almost straight to the technical questions with a small chance to talk about a recent project that was listed on my resume, I've got a couple of questions which I solved although they were expecting a more efficient answer. They care about data structures and efficient algorithms, the interview lasted around 1hr in English.”
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