Interview Cake Testimonials

I always thought I'd come back to you asking for my money back. But I just got offers from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep the money, you earned it.

Henrik (got the job at Google)

I landed my dream job at a certain large company! Some of the questions during my interviews were similar, if not the same, as the ones I studied on your site, so that was a huge leg up. Thanks for this awesome tool. I was hesitant to pay for it when there are so many free interviewing resources online, but the curated questions and detailed explanations were absolutely worth it.

Amy (got the job at Microsoft)

I had my first on site yesterday! IT WENT AMAZING! I answered every problem they proposed with ease (sometimes I had to stop myself before blurting out the answer -- no one likes a know it all). They asked me several questions whose solutions I can directly attribute to previous concepts or situations covered on Interview Cake! So thankful.


I used a number of resources to help prep for the coding interviews but Interview Cake stood out as by far and away the most useful. I owe you a massive debt of thanks

Chris (got the job at Palantir)

I got offers from 7/8 of the companies at which I interviewed. After not going through a formal interview process in nearly a decade, your site really helped build my confidence. You're a hero, Parker ;)

Zak (got the job at Mixpanel)

Hello Parker, I just want to say how great you are :) I think you should add more and more questions to your great website :) You are so great man! and I love you a lot :) Have Great Time :)


Having tried several resources for interview prep, I can honestly say that Interview Cake provides the most structured and confidence-inducing approach. Apart from the website itself, Parker is always willing to help with external resources advice too which is invaluable.

Akshay (got the job at Amazon)

I freaking love Interview Cake. The questions are high quality and I appreciate that the explanations are not overly verbose - just enough to clarify my understanding without overloading my brain and making me forget what the core concept is (which honestly happens with some other prep materials). The UI and animations make it ridiculously engaging. I don't want to stop preparing.


I was really hoping to get my money back from you for not getting an offer from a company, but I ended up getting an offer from Google after practicing with your platform. Thanks for the help!!

Adam (got the job at Google)

Honestly, this feels like cheating. Very efficient way to spend your study time and definitely pays for itself!

Patrick (got the job at Dropbox)

I'm extremely happy to let you know that I have offers from Facebook and Microsoft, and I attribute a lot of that to the excellent preparation that I did on your site. I solved all the questions like 3 times, and many of them appeared during my interviews.

Anonymous (got the job at Facebook and Microsoft)

I didn't really have the discipline when it came to sitting down and grinding through practice questions on my own. Interview Cake was like having a friend to train with.

Simon (got the job at Uber)

For someone without formal training in software, this site was immensely helpful in teaching me how to approach challenging problems. Got the first job I interviewed for, off to Silicon Valley I go!

Joel (got the job at Tesla)

I just got an offer from my #1 choice after being ridiculously nervous the entire time. It was 2 hours of white boarding, and I honestly feel like I completely crushed it. Had an offer sent to me 5 hours later. It was honestly the best feeling ever and I will be making way more money than I thought I would be at this point. Just wanted to send a huge thanks for this site.


Interview Cake was really helpful in its approach to explaining the problems and providing hints one at a time, even given my existing background in algorithms/data structures and whiteboard-style interviews. I think it's safe to say that buying access to the site was a great purchase that I'd recommend to anyone.

Anonymous (got the job at Marchex Inc)

I got two simultaneous competitive offers from some of the big homegrown shops in ATX and in both interviews, variations of questions from your sets showed up in the face-to-face round. Well done, keep up the great research!


Your problems were great practice and were definitely the sort of problems that I saw in my interviews. Thanks!

Mark (got the job at Google)

I got the job! Your questions prepared me big time and I felt really relaxed throughout the entire process. I believe in Interview Cake!

Chris (got the job at Apple)

Your design and framework for solving problems is the best I've ever seen, thank you so much!


It feels very surreal that I did well on a Google interview given that my college professors told me I would have a hard time succeeding. In all honesty, your website taught me more about algorithms (and in a way that I retained the information) than any boring college class. Thank you *so much* for making Computer Science fun again :-)

Rabeea (got the job at Google, Snapchat and Microsoft)

When I told my friends I ran about 30 practice questions before getting the job, they couldn't believe it. They said they didn't feel prepared after practicing 200-500 questions. I told them I spent more time on each question, solving it in different ways, reading over each hint, because Interview Cake provided a problem-solving *experience* that emphasized quality over quantity. I will probably finish up the rest of the questions before my purchase expires, because — never thought I'd say this — I've actually come to enjoy practicing these questions.

Ivy (got the job at Dote)

The information and layout of Interview Cake has been phenomenal. I have also been going through the book "Cracking the Coding Interview" and it's also been beneficial, but the solutions can be a bit curt, especially if you start down the wrong path. Interview Cake does a great job at encompassing the potential solutions someone might come up with, and gently indicating if there's a better option.


I just want to let you know that your site was super useful in helping me to wrap my head around the types of questions that you see in interviews. I really like the way you focused on identifying themes that apply to a broad range of questions, and cautioned against just memorizing how to answer the most common ones. It got to the point for me where getting a significant plan for any whiteboard question was just a matter of flipping through the common algorithmic patterns and data structures in my head until I found one that matched.


Interview Cake got me thinking about problem solving in a way that helped me get 'in the zone' where I was comfortable brainstorming and collaborating with my interviewer. I would definitely recommend your site to anyone who needs help.

Riduan (got the job at Amazon)

As a completely blind computer programmer who lives in Iran, learning algorithms and data structures has always been a big issue for me. However, apart from Parker's great way of explaining things, what I love about Interview Cake is the fact that they went into a great deal of trouble to make their content accessible to me. Thanks to them, I got a job in Amsterdam, and I'm going to immigrate there in the next few days.


Can't tell you how Interview Cake has increased my confidence in facing interviews, the javascript questions have been very helpful.


I'm a self-taught developer and this is the first learning tool I've used that actually explains programming fundamentals in a way that I can understand without needing a lot of background. I just accepted an offer at a firm in San Francisco and think Interview Cake was a big part of that. What's amazing is that I only covered 14 or so of the available 50 something questions and that (plus my solid background) was enough to give me confidence in the interviews.


Got an amazing job. Interview Cake saved and changed my life. This is the best website if you are short on time and want to actually improve your problem solving skills instead of getting buried in an ocean of coding questions. Each of these questions teaches you so much and is absolutely enjoyable to read again and again. The best investment I've ever made.


To make a long story short, thanks to Interview Cake I got 5 on site interviews. Of those 5, 4 turned into offers. I ended up landing a job at my dream company with a massive pay increase! Never could have done it without you!


I just wanted to thank you guys for having an absolutely amazing product. I just got my DREAM offer, and I would definitely say that Interview Cake played a good part in helping me prepare for the interviews.


I'm aware of other useful resources such as Hackerrank, Codewars, etc. but Interview Cake is far and away the most comprehensive, high quality resource I've found for preparing for interviews. I just wanted to say great job and thanks for putting together something amazing to help us nervous interviewees. :)


I just starting looking at some JS questions for the very first time and am in love!!! You should write a book!!! NO, write all the books!! Great job!!!


Interview Cake's unique approach shaped my whole problem solving mindset.

Dnyanraj (got the job at Amazon)

I got my dream job at Google! Thank you for this service. Your 4-layer answers were very instructive, it was well worth the price.

Yohan (got the job at Google)

Practice at Interview Cake is the most worthy investment I've ever made.

Kai (got the job at Google)

These exercises solutions and walkthroughs kick ass!


If you work through all the problems, there's nothing an interviewer could throw at you to catch you off guard. I'd recommend Interview Cake to anyone going through the job hunt.

Mike (got the job at Hulu)

I interviewed for a junior QA position and because of my demonstrated skills in the interviewed was offered an SDET position with higher pay grade. The questions on Interview Cake gave me a lot of confidence and helped me remember points I wanted to make in my answers.


I especially loved the explanations, which I found lacking on other sites. By making the thinking clear for each problem, Interview Cake gave me the skills to break down new problems I hadn't seen before.

Linh (got the job at Facebook)

I had an interview scheduled for 3 days after I signed up for Interview Cake. I did a bunch of your problems, had the interview, and got the job! Thanks Interview Cake, for making sure I'm not unemployed!

Anonymous (got the job at Main Street Hub)

Glad I invested in your site--it clearly paid off immensely. Keep doing what you're doing. Your site offers a unique style of practice I couldn't find anywhere else.

Eric (got the job at Google)

Landed my dream job today actually! Couldn't have done it without Interview Cake. (I recommend you guys to everyone!)

Anonymous (got the job at Telogis)

Thanks to your site, I have offers from Apple, Facebook and Google. That's a hell of an ROI! I didn't go to school for computer science, and now I have multiple senior engineering offers from the world's best tech companies.

Rich (got the job at Apple, Facebook and Google)

Just go through Interview Cake and get a good sleep before interviews. That's all you need to pass!


I owe a lot to your program. It explained problems as memorable stories, which made it easier to remember and apply their concepts to other questions.

Tricia (got the job at Google)

I am so glad I stumbled on your service. It is excellent! The way it walks me through problems, gives me hints, fully explains why at each step AND is language native (Python written by someone that obviously knows Python very well!) has made it the best resource I have available. All of the other books I have address issues in Java or C++ with Python being an after thought. Your approach is giving me a stronger grasp of the language features and the proper approaches to solving problems with the tools available.


I signed my Google offer letter on Sunday. Your site really helped me into the right mindset. It's all a game, and you'll win if you have confidence and the right tools. Interview Cake definitely gave me both.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Interview Cake gave me the practice necessary to ace my technical interviews. I've drawn from the problems' algorithms and focus on time/space complexity on countless occasions. It's worth every dollar and more.

Jerome (got the job at Okta)

Interview Cake has been, by far, the best site to study interview problems. Will definitely be recommending this to all my friends!


Thanks for the great content on Interview Cake. That was super super helpful. I landed an offer with Google and have accepted it. Thanks again for putting this great content together!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

When I came across Interview Cake, it just clicked. That is how I learn. None of the other resources I came across were structured as well. The way it breaks down the approach and conclusions reached and the support for multiple languages and even the way the site is built - it's all done very well. And then you add in a money back guarantee and I'm sold!


Your site was really indispensable for the Google/Amazon interview process. I've recommended your site to everyone I know that wants to become both a better programmer and a better interviewer. Great work.

Eric (got the job at Amazon)

Interviews went well thanks in large part to your course. Your course helped increase my confidence to the point that I felt comfortable turning-down subsequent interview requests from companies that didn't seem like a good fit. I ultimately accepted an offer from my first choice, at a financial tech company in Seattle where I'll be making 50% more than at my previous job.


Interview Cake was the most efficient way to prep. I used it to completely switch careers and get offers from Google, Palantir, and Facebook

Thomas (got the job at Google, Palantir and Facebook)

The few interview books I've been using are good and some of the sites like geeks4geeks are good too, but they obviously can't give much feedback and lack the more-interactive feel that your site has. Your site really fills that gap nicely. I feel like I have an expert there guiding me along.


I was able to land a job at Microsoft thanks to your program. I was hesitant to purchase it due to the steep price but it was actually very insightful - I credit my interview success in large part to the methodologies discussed in the course. Thank you for making such a great product!

Anonymous (got the job at Microsoft)

Interviews have been going well. I have had a number of them from multiple companies and ended up getting an offer from the one I was most interested in. The prep from Interview Cake definitely helped. And I am continuing my practice as I evaluate the offer.


Finally, someone doing programming interview prep right! When I am out for a job a again, I will definitely re-use Interview Cake. Awesome!

Filippos (got the job at Uber)

I'm sure you get plenty of these but another can't hurt: I was skeptical that a website could make that big a difference in an an interview process, but after reading a lot of very positive reviews (and a mention from a Google recruiter) I bought in and wound up getting a job at Google! After 11 years in the field, Interview Cake was so helpful in relearning how to apply the fundamentals to an array of simple but tricky questions; it didn't so much teach me out to code as how to think, and that's what interviews are all about!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Just wanted to let you know that your questions helped immensely in preparing for the interviews! I landed an offer from Google thanks to you!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

I got the job! Thank you to you and your team who built a product that changed my life! I'm going to Facebook!

Anonymous (got the job at Facebook)

I used Interview Cake as my primary review material, and I know that it was a huge factor in my success. I just wanted to thank you for allowing students such as myself to gain confidence and skills that can be so difficult to acquire!

Ashley (got the job at Google)

I'm happy to share that Interview Cake worked: I got 3 offers, and I'm happily joining GoDaddy as Software Engineer! Thank you for your work on Interview Cake. I will highly recommend to my peers!

Terri (got the job at GoDaddy)

They didn't ask me anything near as hard as Interview Cake and just wanted to see my thought process on solving problems which was exactly what you helped me do. Thank you so much!


Your website was so helpful that I didn't just receive an offer from Google, I also received a competing offer from Amazon.

Michael (got the job at Google and Amazon)

I wish I had known about this website back when I was in algorithms class in college. This made me finally understand a number of concepts that had eluded me for years.

Luna (got the job at Apple and Google)

Thank you so much for creating these problems and solutions! As someone who is current going through the interview process, this site has been absolutely amazing for learning the different elements of programming interviews and enhancing the way I approach engineering in general.


Interview Cake gave me an extremely detailed knowledge of data structures and concepts, and helped teach me how to apply them to an array of programming problems and questions that may appear on an interview or in real life. The problems and explanations gave me an understanding of programming that I did not even receive through four years as a Computer Science major.


Interview Cake has been my lifeline! Right now I have an offer from Microsoft and I'm still in the interview process with Google and LinkedIn. Life is pretty good, and I owe so much of that to Interview Cake. Seriously, keep doing what you're doing!

Richie (got the job at Microsoft)

I always wanted to work in the North America and I had been invited to on-site interviews couple of times before. However, It was all hard for me to get an offer from them. So I was getting prepared to recent on-site interview with your material and it was really helpful. I really appreciated that. Thank you for making those great examples again.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

The explanation style used by Interview Cake (the gradual reveal of edge cases and working toward the solution) made the strategies sink in really nicely and made me feel confident about facing the interviews.

Siddhesh (got the job at Google)

I really like the way that the solutions are walked through. The tone of the writing is casual and fun, but I can tell that the writer's understanding of the problem and its solution is deep.


Interview Cake has really good content. But what really makes it shine is the presentation format. Keep up the good work!

Nir (got the job at NBC Universal)

The interview I had was very technical - I was quizzed on different aspects of C++ and asked to find errors in C++ code, but at the end I had to solve a problem in C! The problems on Interview Cake helped me ace that problem and I got the offer! I'm starting my first C++ Software Developer position in August! Thank you for helping people like me!


I had previously been using hackerrank to prepare for interviews and stumbled upon Interview Cake while preparing for my interview last night. I have already texted the link to my other CS friends because I found it to be great. The questions are much more applicable and realistic to a question I would get in an interview and the explanation, hints, and rational are phenomenal. They offer clarity to every concept of the problem.


Interview Cake takes the cake when it comes to interview prep. After studying for a little over 2 months, I finally cracked a technical interview and got an offer from my dream financial company! Thanks for all the help!

Fuad (got the job at Goldman Sachs)

The code organisation in the sample answers are the best I have seen in my 20 years of programming.


Today I got offer from LinkedIn for Software Engineer position. Interview Cake has been of so much help. Thank you so much :)

Anonymous (got the job at LinkedIn)

Just wanted to let you know your site was very important for both building up my confidence with interviewing anywhere and also executing at a high level during the interview process. You have a great product and I hope you keep doing it for the foreseeable future as I am sure it will help out many engineers achieve their dreams/goals!

Anonymous (got the job at Eaze)

I've accepted a job as a software engineer with Postmates and am excited to start next week. Thanks for the helpful material on your site!

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon and Postmates)

I've been using CTCI to study and while the questions are very applicable, there is no feedback or hints. It's also easy to get drowned in questions with that book. I like the hints and sequential "turning of screws" like I would experience in a real interview. Last but not the least, the money back guarantee is nice.


I went through some questions and could solve most of them on my own. Also i went through the notes and tips. Really precise and helpful! Thanks a lot from a lot of others who might have missed showing gratitude for this kind innovation. I'm sure i'm going to keep coming back to Interview Cake every time i want to get better.


I have gotten my first offer today. If things go as well as I think they will, I may have another offer tomorrow too. Both from admirable companies :) Interview Cake has been a real help. Thank you for the services!


I could not have gotten hired at my dream job without Interview Cake. This course has questions that will increase your knowledge and reasoning ability so you can solve anything an interviewer might throw at you!


I used the free questions on Interview Cake to help get a SWE job at Google in April. The questions they asked in the interview were pretty much the same as those on Interview Cake, so your questions were very helpful. Thought I would give back.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Hands down the best coding interview prep experience I've ever had.

William (got the job at 10x Management)

I got the job! Interview Cake was definitely worth the investment--it gave me a huge advantage by exposing me to the kind of questions they were going to ask. Thanks!


Interview Cake gave me the confidence I needed to relax, be myself, and focus on solving the problems I was asked.

Andre (got the job at Shopify)

Btw, your site was definitely worth the investment. A lot of the questions you had did come up during interviews, but it wasn't the questions so much as the process of breaking down problems that was most helpful. Please keep your problems focused on that always! :D

Anonymous (got the job at

Interview Cake was a huge help for my first job search in the software engineering industry. Other coding challenge websites have plenty of material, but the binary solutions (you either have the full solution or you don't) makes it much harder to not just learn but also understand the interviewing process. The Interview Cake questions do a great job mimicking the real experience and provide a ton of information. They're super responsive to emails if you have any other follow up questions!

Bucko (got the job at Ayasdi)

A lot of great stuff in one place. Perfectly organized material for comfortable learning.


I have always been hesitant to practice programming puzzles, but thanks to the clear explanations about different strategies that I've found in Interview Cake, I have become more confident and I can even say that now I enjoy these types of problems. Thank you very much!


Interview Cake taught me an approach to solving problems that I utilized in every interview I had. Knowing I could tackle any problem helped me stay relaxed and I got an amazing offer because of it!

David (got the job at Microsoft)

There are many interview question and solution web sites. What's unique about Interview Cake is it teaches you the logical process for tackling problems. It was very helpful for my real interviews.


Interview Cake is a must when preparing for technical interviews. The questions are both relevant and thoroughly explained.

Mehmet (got the job at Google)

I got an offer! I'm currently looking at it. The weekly problems from your websites have really helped me to make it through!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

I totally nailed one of the questions I got that landed me my job because it was the same exact one I had done on Interview Cake. I'm so glad I did it!!!

Majd (got the job at 1stDibs)

Wahoo -- I got a software engineering gig at Instacart. Stoked!! Thanks for building such an incredible product.

Anonymous (got the job at Instacart)

I just wanted to say thanks a million for putting this site together. The depth of knowledge you convey is fantastic, as is your teaching style. I'm self-taught, and found your site after reading up on some of the fundamentals that I never had to worry about as a database engineer. I have quite a ways to go before I'm confident in those fundamentals, but you've given me a huge leg up, and I appreciate it!


Interview Cake had the best computer science-y interview prep I could find, and it really helped me get a job at Google! Solving those problems, which had detailed, interesting solutions presented in a way that encouraged me to do my own thinking, really helped me get in the right mind set.

Aaron (got the job at Google)

There were 3 major things that contributed to my decision to buy a subscription at Interview Cake: 1. The money back gaurantee is a pretty big deal, especially for a broke college student 2. It is much more structured and more carefully curated than other free options out there. Sites like leetcode where overwhelming as I didn't know where to go or what to do next. 3. It is reliable and easy to use. I had a lot of technical issues on leetcode that confused and irritated me.


I had two Google phone screens and got invited for an onsite interview! Thanks so much, the website has been so helpful.


Interview Cake prepped me super well for my data science technical interview, and now I have my dream job!

Hyatt (got the job at Capital One)

The full access to Interview Cake has been great. It is a really good resource for questions and being able to browse them easily on mobile and the web made working through them on the train or elsewhere when I had time very easy. I didn't have too much time for working through all the problems, but getting into the mind set of working through the algorithms was very useful to me and definitely increased my confidence as I went through my interviews.


I'm happy to say that interviews have been going REALLY well since I started using Interview Cake. I got two offers this week and today accepted one made by Facebook! Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic product. I love the way you dissect problems (and solutions!) - that is something so unique to your platform that I think actually has tangible impact on interview performance. I'm definitely recommending your product to all of my friends!

Anonymous (got the job at Facebook)

I am in love with this site! Thank you so much for creating it - it's exactly what I needed.


Interview Cake was a really helpful resource, I will definitely recommend it to anyone interviewing for top tech jobs.

Tom (got the job at Palantir)

I was so used to thinking that I just don't have the knack for solving interview questions but you helped me 'get it.' I owe you one, man!

Noam (got the job at

I heard about Interview Cake from a Google recruiter who recommended the free problems every week, but I bought the full service because of your personal (even though they're sent to everybody, they feel personal) emails, the way you help me along with problems (and give great breakdowns at the end!), and the way your website is clean, beautiful, informative, and easy to use. Thank you so much for creating this. It has already helped me so much!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

I'm a veteran programmer who came across your website. After working through your problems I scheduled an interview. The company hired me and paid me 30% more than I asked for! I still use your site daily to help me keep my edge.

David (got the job at NASA JPL)

Interview Cake for coding interview prep is doing what Rosetta Stone is doing for language learning.

Willy (got the job at Nike)

Interview Cake has been a great resource for me! The weekly questions (and more importantly, the well-explained answers) have prepared me way more than anything else I've done for my interviews. Keep doing what you're doing!

Zach (got the job at Microsoft)

I feel like Interview Cake's question format was really helpful in understanding the question and answer well. In fact I got one of the same questions in an interview and I was able to explain the entire reasoning behind the answer. Long story, short, I got the job.

Arun (got the job at Symantec)

I like how you guys explain the obvious answer first and then reason how to get to the more efficient solution. Also the questions are fun and stimulating. I do a couple a day now and they make me feel good. Keep up the good work! I feel a lot confident about my interview coming up.


Interview Cake was invaluable to putting my mind at ease about solving problems. With this confidence and with a grounding in the basics I was even able to solve an interview problem in a programming language I wasn't familiar with (Java). Thanks again!


Your site was an invaluable resource and really helped me develop the iterative algorithmic problem solving skills big tech companies & startups are looking for. Great case of quality over quantity.

Cyrus (got the job at Facebook)

When I decided to start interviewing, I knew I had to face those dreaded coding challenges. Your site helped me prepare in a really digestible way. Wouldn't have gotten two simultaneous offers without it.

Hayden (got the job at Universal Audio)

The questions on Interview Cake closely mirror what I saw in real interviews, but more importantly, the guidance about how to think through and spot categories of problems enabled me to build confidence quickly. Can't recommend it enough!

Josh (got the job at Quid)

I was incredibly pleased with your framework for problems, which present good practice problems, a space to attempt a solution and execute code in multiple languages, and also a detailed explanation of the solutions with step-by-step hints (not just someone's code with a few comments thrown in) - a surprisingly difficult combination to find!


Got an offer from Spotify! Really appreciate it. The problems and tips were extremely helpful.

Korben (got the job at Spotify)

Interview Cake was a great help, helping me train how to work through the logic flow, and testing my limits.

Jennifer (got the job at Tivo)

I bought Interview Cake because of the detailed solutions that build up from more naive to more optimized solutions, much like an interviewee might build up his or her own solution. And I really like how the "What We Learned" feature generalizes the strategies used in the problem and comments on how those can be used on future questions.


I actually just received a verbal offer for my dream job at Google on Friday! The practice problems at Interview Cake helped a lot along the way. I had interviewed before, but my technical skills weren't quite there. After lots of guided practice with Interview Cake, the entire process was much easier and I felt much more confident answering interview questions. I'm very happy I signed up.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Im proud to say that I will be joining the engineering team at Coinbase! This would not have been possible had it not been for Interview Cake, and Im glad that I paid for the service.

Anonymous (got the job at Coinbase)

I bought Interview Cake because a friend recommended it to me as a great way to prepare for my technical interviews (I graduate this coming May). I love the questions and the comprehensive explanations for the solutions! It is very helpful to see the sub-optimal solutions before reaching the optimal one -- helping to reinforce the steps taken to achieve it, not just the solution itself.


After using your site, I was ready to get grilled on the ins and outs of any interview question thrown my way. I'm happily employed now - thanks, Parker!


Thank you for your help! You have a great product!

Anonymous (got the job at Greenhouse)

Just wanted to say thanks, I was skeptical at first but Interview Cake ended up being very helpful!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

There is no way you can know what problem the interviewer will ask. And you can not practice all possible interview problems. You have to focus in a small set of problems that will teach you the way to tackle most of interview problems. Interview Cake has those problems.

Mauricio (got the job at Microsoft)

I wanted to thank you for your website. It was my main source of preparation for interview with Google. I just signed internship offer for SWE role in Sydney. It is amazing achievement for me as I just finished my 1st semester of Master of IT, and had almost no Informatics or CS classes before in my bachelors


Interview Cake taught me how to approach new problems. The questions helped me feel confident and ready to crush my programming interviews.

Lexi (got the job at Facebook)

Interview Cake is an awesome service. No one else (that I know of at least) does it this well. Even if the questions I got interviewed on where wildly different from the ones on the site (at least the ones I practiced), having that practice definitely boosted confidence which made me more calm and focused going in those interviews.


I got the offer I was looking for like a week after I used Interview Cake. I was asked a few questions that felt like they came directly from Interview Cake — and I nailed them.


I did the finding change problem the other week from Interview Cake and subsequently revised all my dynamic programming knowledge. Your notes were very helpful. I then had to do a programming test for an interview this weekend and a dynamic programming question came up. So Interview Cake preparation really helped me on that one!!! I don't think I would have been able to do the code test if I hadn't been working on the Interview Cake problems.


Last year, when you came out to SF to see some students at General Assembly, I was in the audience. I had no idea what O notation even meant. Now, as I am applying to Hack Reactor's Telegraph Academy (long story), I feel way more confident in my ability to code thanks to being a subscriber to Interview Cake - even though I'm continuously clicking that I need a hint. Again, Thank you so much.


You have an insanely robust and helpful platform that I couldn't find anywhere else. It was so nice to finally find Interview Cake and see beautiful, clean solutions to (really hard!) recursive and DP problems expressed in 20 lines with comments and explanations of why everything works the way that it does. The detail that you guys go to in your explanations to *guide* your students to solve a problem on their own rather than just providing a solution was instrumental in building up my interview confidence. Could not have done it without you guys and just wanted to say thanks again.

Kevin (got the job at Palantir)

Interview Cake teaches you exactly the kind of thinking you need to crush your coding interviews, and the problem breakdowns are very helpful. Thanks Parker!

Tommy (got the job at Google)

Thorough, company specific problems paired with great explanations helped me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire interview. The systems architecture questions were particularly helpful for me. Well worth it and a great investment!

Daniel (got the job at Google)

I cracked a lot of interviews just by thinking through the way your website solves problems. A huge thanks for helping me land my dream job. I highly recommend Interview Cake if you want to attend interviews with confidence!

Harini (got the job at Apple)

I landed my dream internship with Microsoft for next summer. After I discovered Interview Cake, it was pretty much what I based my whole study process off of - and it definitely paid off. So happy I made the investment, and thank you for the great resource!

Lorraine (got the job at Microsoft)

Interview Cake has lots of unique questions you don't find elsewhere, and the approach provides a fantastic tool for learning how to approach coding questions and assess your solution.

Kevin (got the job at Spark Cognition)

I only took 1 programming class in college. I really didn't have any background in data structures or algorithms. When asked to interview at Google, I didn't know where to start. Their list of interview topics was almost like a foreign language. Long story short - your course made the difference for me. Last week I signed an offer with Google!

Holly (got the job at Google)

I'll be honest, I discovered your site about 5-6 months ago and the sample questions helped me enough to land my target a few weeks after I found it. :) Now, I visit every now and then mostly for fun since the new samples are great.


Coming out of a bootcamp, I needed a lot of guidance to figure out how to approach interview questions meant for CS grads. Interview Cake provided it. Thanks!

Becca (got the job at Reddit)

Interview Cake helped me dust off the cobwebs in a simple, practical way; this resource easily tops Cracking the Coding Interview. Thanks Parker for helping me regain lost confidence & land that highly coveted job!

Maude (got the job at Twitter and Slack)

I like that studying for me just means "open Interview Cake and do a problem". I do that every day or two and it's that simple. I don't have to go to different sites or read some books. Just practice with the Cake.


Interview Cake is absolutely amazing. The hint feature is incredibly useful and feels a lot like real interviews.


During my interview I was asked to traverse tree different ways and I solve the problems without any issues, which quite impressed the interviewers. Honestly this happens only because I spend time solving and analyzing problem in your program. I will recommend your tools to my friends and hope to see more challenging questions in your tool.

Anonymous (got the job at ADP)

Even more so than giving me practice you taught me technique and I don't think I could have landed this job without your help. Thank you! I recommend Interview Cake to all of my friends.

Eli (got the job at ESRI)

Out of all the interview prep material I've seen, Interview Cake is the best!


My technical interview question was very close to one that I had seen through Interview Cake which was amazing. These questions were very helpful - much more so than the 'Cracking the Coding Interview' book that I bought. Thanks!


I bought a handful of different tools to try for interview prep. Interview Cake was by far the easiest to use and most productive.


Interview Cake was instrumental in my success for interviews. I had used few other sources to prepare for technical interviews but none of them taught me the proper method of thinking and approaching a problem like Interview Cake.


The problems are fun and very relevant, and the problem breakdowns are thorough enough to be part of a textbook on interviewing. Thanks, Parker!

Eduardo (got the job at Dropbox)

I did land a job in November and I must say that, while Interview Cake's questions are hard, they did get me in the headspace to handle their much simpler questions! You have the best interview prep "book" out there and I will sing it's praises from the top of the mountains!


Interview Cake's a great place to review old concepts for programming interviews. Cruised through the Amazon Interview.

Ari (got the job at Amazon)

I just accepted a Front-end Engineer role at Facebook. Your content was rather helpful for my interview process I must admit.

Anonymous (got the job at Facebook)

You know what... I landed my dream job! I'm forever grateful for your support and encouragement. I wouldn't have managed this without Interview Cake. In the actual interview, I felt so calm... it gave me the courage to tackle the technical part of the interview and made me so much more prepared for the social aspect of the interview.


I did all the weekly questions and found myself getting better and better at them, the more of them I did the more I found my entire way of thinking about algorithms changing. I then applied to Googles Engineering Residency program starting in August and after 6 or so interviews got my offer today. Thanks so much for putting this site together and providing the weekly questions, so much of how well I did is due to your site and I'm going to make sure to recommend it whenever possible.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

I subscribed to Interview Cake for a specific interview, and it was immensely helpful. That was the first technical interview I had ever done, so I was really nervous. Working through your problems really helped with my confidence and refreshed my memory on a lot of things that I had forgotten about since college. And I got the job! Thanks for putting together such a great site--it was worth every penny.


I bought Interview Cake mainly because 1) I like the structure it provides, 2) there are plenty of websites out there with sample interview questions, but no others I know of that walk you through the process of tackling and answering them, and 3) if it helps me in any way to land a better job or better salary, it easily pays for itself.


I started at Google as of this week! Interview Cake was the primary studying tool I used before the onsite interview and it prepared me well for what they asked.

Victor (got the job at Google)

The exercises have also really helped me not just prepare for the interview but improve my critical thinking and foundation in data structures and algorithms. For that reason alone I'll recommend Interview Cake to my peers for really helpful practice problems.


Interview Cake got me to think about programming problems in a very systematic and approachable way. It's an invaluable resource that every candidate should check out. Thanks!

Haluk (got the job at Uber)

I bought Interview Cake for 2 reasons: 1) The product is good. The questions and explanations are good, and the hints and gotchas system is great. 2) It's risk-free. If I get the job with Google I'll make a ton of money, and if I don't I get my money back.

Justin (got the job at Uber)

What I like about Interview Cake is they talk about process of solving the problem. Once you learn to solve problems using these patterns you can apply them to similar problems you encounter


Before Interview Cake, I probably would have failed my Google interview. After doing Interview Cake seriously, I got strong positive feedback from the hiring committee. On top of that, it's just really fun to do. Do it.

Ezekiel (got the job at Google)

I bought Interview Cake because I was impressed by how the problems were broken down. Often when I'm by myself studying, I get stuck and it is really difficult to solve the question properly without some guidance. I can always ask for hints, and also since there is no grading system, I don't feel pressured to perform properly so I can focus on learning.


Your practice problems boosted my confidence and helped me to think critically throughout the process. And I got the job! Just wanted to say thanks.

Cody (got the job at Amazon)

Interview Cake was an amazing resource for my interview prep. The way the questions are structured not only helps review the fundamentals but also gives you the feel of how to approach questions in a general way which can be applied to any question.

Marc (got the job at Amazon)

It's a coder's full interview toolkit containing everything you need to prep for the coding questions. Plenty of samples with detailed explanations, in phases that prompt to think and say "do I really need to click the hint button again or can I figure it out from here?"


Thanks again for everything, Parker. Interview Cake really prepared me to land the offer.

Abhijeet (got the job at Amazon)

Got an SDE job at Amazon! Thanks for the awesome site, will definitely recommend to friends with upcoming interviews!

Mason (got the job at Amazon)

I got interviews with two companies and both resulted in offers. Interview Cake experience helped a ton during my technical interviews.


Just wanted to let you know that I ended up getting a mid level engineering position at a startup in LA (I actually had two offers, one at the place I'll be working at and another at a much bigger company). I have to say that the technical questions I got were not as difficult as the ones I'd been practicing on your site, but that practice had definitely helped.


I had my non-technical friend use Interview Cake as a script and mock interview me. It worked perfectly. Super easy to follow. Thanks!

James (got the job at Square)

site was an incredible resource, thanks!!!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Working through many of the problems on Interview Cake made me much more confident when it came time to write code in my technical interviews. The step-by-step explanations are really amazing, and they simulate the environment of the technical interview very well. Interview Cake helped me ace my first interview, rather than my third or fourth.

Jared (got the job at Twitter)

I thought you deserved to know that I got an offer from Microsoft studying from Interview Cake. Thanks again for such a great program!

Anonymous (got the job at Microsoft)

The coolest thing about Interview Cake is I was able to e-mail the creator whenever I felt like I needed advice for my upcoming interviews, and he either gave me the answer or directed me to the exact resource I needed. Thanks, Parker, for being so easily accessible and helpful when I needed it!

Jordan (got the job at Twitter)

Parker, I bought Interview Cake so that I could read detailed breakdowns of solutions to learn patterns and thought-processes behind the solutions. The product fills a critical gap in interview prep for me


Interview Cake is a great investment to your career especially for those seeking their dream job at their dream companies. I landed at Facebook and it was all worth it.

Ilker (got the job at Facebook)

I feel like even just reading the process of thought through tackling the problems helped me learn to communicate my own thoughts better.

Anonymous (got the job at Monsanto)

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for the platform you provide, it really helped to get a quick refreshment on algorithmic topics. Long story short, I got an offer from Google in Poland. It was a fun interview though.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Basically, after trying some of the free trial questions, I thought the hint system was a huge benefit. There are millions of questions online, but the hints help you work through the problem more like a real interview.


I just wanted to say thank you for your great product that helped me a ton preparing for the interviews. Keep up the great work. =)

Je (got the job at Salesforce)

It has been my dream for a long time to work at Microsoft so I wanted to say thank you for helping make it a reality. Practicing and learning through your course made a huge difference during my in person interviews. Wanted you to know that you have made a large and positive impact on my life.

Anonymous (got the job at Microsoft)

Interview Cake is amazing. The way the problems are presented and the hints are given is often better than what you'll get in an actual interview setting. After using it myself, I could not recommend it any more highly.


I had been at my job for 9 years and the idea of doing programming tests in an interview was pretty scary. Interview Cake took the fear out of the process and have me a lot of confidence.

Patrick (got the job at Amazon)

I highly recommend the full course for new engineers and for old-time engineers like myself who want to get past the interview coding challenge.

Hinkmond (got the job at LinkedIn)

Thanks a ton for making such a great tool, especially with the target audience of people who may not have a formal training in CS. I love seeing what people are doing to make this field more accessible to others. Keep up the great work!


FYI I aced the interview :-) I was asked to take a list of strings and return a list of anagrams between them. I don't think I would have done it as quickly or as smoothly if it hadn't been for your site. Thanks!!


Your website gave me the skills and confidence I needed to solve all sorts of interview questions. It was definitely worth the investment. Thanks Parker!

Jeffrey (got the job at Amazon)

After going through roughly a half of Interview Cake I was able to pass every interview I took. Keep up doing what you doing!

Sergei (got the job at BrightSign)

Thank you so much. I must say Interview Cake is AWESOME and believe me i haven't seen anyone taking that approach to teach DS and ALGO. I salute your efforts.


Interview Cake is a wonderful study resource that will help keep you sharp for your interviews, by focusing your attention to classic computer science and problem solving principles. Plus, Parker keeps it fun.


I attended a pretty rigorous coding bootcamp (Grace Hopper Academy in NYC), so I felt really prepared for a new software engineering job, as far as my actual skills. But interviewing was proving difficult and scary (I'm an extravert with a background in theatre, and I usually have no trouble with the interview process while job hunting - but engineering technical interviews are so different from the typical). Interview Cake was a huge help in my prep process

Anonymous (got the job at Google, Facebook and LinkedIn)

I got an offer from Google thanks to you! Thanks!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

TL;DR: Thank you, I am very glad that I paid for Interview Cake.


I liked Interview Cake most because it is simple and straightforward. The answers you give to the questions are high quality and useful for solving not just that problem, but the general problem category.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

I am currently interviewing, and I wish I had discovered your site earlier (it was actually suggested to me by one of the companies who are interviewing me)! This is exactly what I needed because your method reflects almost precisely what happens in an interview.


I decided to switch jobs while out on paternity leave. Paid for your service five days after the birth of my son. Interviewed with Amazon twelve days after the birth. Got an offer the next week. It's an excellent service. Easy to work through and learn from even for someone with an infant.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

I wanted to drop you a note that I got a job at Amazon and your site was no small help! I don't think I want my photo on the front page but, if you're keeping a list of bought access and got the job, give it a ++.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

I have used pretty much all the interview prep sites out there and yours is way ahead of the pack. Its like having a personal coach.


They just called and told me I passed! The interviewer was very impressed by my algorithms and data structures knowledge and it was all thanks to your website. I don't remember how much I paid for the Interview Cake, but it was money well spent, every cent of it.

Maria (got the job at Amazon)

Interview Cake is a well selected set of interview problems, small enough to warm up before each single interview you take and big enough to learn something if you didn't have time to prepare in a more thorough way. Plus it's nice and tidy and even funny sometimes. I really enjoy it.


Especially if you're on a time crunch, Interview Cake is well worth investing in for those crucial few weeks before your big interview.

Zafir (got the job at Google)

I'm making more progress going through the exercises on your site than from tools like hackerrank, codewars, and pramp. I am still doing code wars (kata) from time to time, but I really find I make more progress in my learning by spending the most time preparing with your site. Thank you! I will send you a note when I get my dream job :)


Coding interviews always stressed me out and I'd usually loose it to panic and brain farts. Preparing via Interview Cake gave me the confidence I needed and well...I landed that dream job! Well-worth the cost of admission :) Thanks Parker.

Jaime (got the job at Apple)

After trying the email course, I was excited about the content of the website. I think it's especially great that the exercises introduce you step by step to the solution and learn to think properly and ask the right questions. It feels like programming with an experienced mentor.


With the money back guarantee I figured there was nothing to lose by pulling the trigger with your site, especially considering I have known about it for a while and enjoy the weekly interview questions via email.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

I tried the free trial and I instantly knew it was going to work for me. I think its brilliant how you designed it to work through problems to really teach how to think about these problems. Also, you do it while enforcing great programming habits! Beats the heck out of Hackerrank to me!


I wanted to thank you for your Interview Cake. Even though it is a lot for a student, it was so worth it.

Kathrin (got the job at Bloomberg)

I invested in Interview Cake because I appreciate how you give the appropriate amount of hints and explanation at each crucial point of the problem-solving process. Keep up the good work!


To be very honest, I certainly couldn't have done nearly as well as I did on those coding interviews if I didn't have these weekly problems. They were a really big help. You do a great job explaining the material and it's all laid out in a way that makes it really easy to learn and think about.

Dany (got the job at Originate)

I was able to binge-learn the patterns of coding interviewing questions through Interview Cake really easily. It is by far the most well-organized site that I've found. 100% worth the investment!

Joshua (got the job at Google)

The super clean UX made me try the first few free exercises. I was blown away with the Hint delivery feature. Exactly what I needed to start breaking down problems to their constituent parts. Kudos to you for putting in a lot of work on breaking down these problems. That's some real hard work there.


Your site was a big help to me and I'm sure it was essential to my success with the interview.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

One of the unique and awesome things about Interview Cake is that Parker not only personally responds to emails, but actually encourages your questions. He really wants to help!

Will (got the job at NetApp)

The problems on Interview Cake are equivalent to having a tutor in front of you. I can't believe how this problem set covered such a wide variety of algorithmic approaches in detail. It transformed the way I think about interviews and gave me immense confidence.

Shan (got the job at Amazon)

With the help of Interview Cake I ended up with 4 job offers, of the 5 companies I interviewed for. Even as an engineer with a decade of experience, the job hunt is a whole different beast—and you made the whole process fun for me. Thanks for building a great site!

Upeka (got the job at Gusto)

Job search is over! I signed with an awesome company after a drastic interview process and Interview Cake definitely helped me a lot. Worth every penny.

Anonymous (got the job at Instacart)

With three seperate offers from three major software companies, Interview Cake has been the best effort-to-return of any interview practice I've ever done.


I received an offer from Google today. I applied over a year ago and they reached out a few months back. Reading your newsletter over the past year kept the coding interview concepts fresh in my mind.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Just emailing to say thank you for creating Interview Cake. I've learned so much from reading/practicing the questions repeatedly. Your questions are spot on! Few of the questions(variation/relevant) kept showing up on interviews. Not only did it teach me how to write a time/space efficient code, it taught me to really think about the problem before writing anything.

Laurie (got the job at Cruise Automation)

Interview Cake really helped me develop my ability to reason through the coding problems I saw during my interviews. It's a much better feeling walking out of an interview knowing you nailed it.

Matt (got the job at Amazon)

I did get an offer at Amazon! Thank you for your services with Interview Cake. They helped a ton.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

I just want to thank you for making your website. I subscribed to your website before I land my job 4 months ago, and thanks to your website MOST of the interview questions was derived from your collection of programming puzzle. They use different story here and there BUT the essence of solving the problem are similar to the one that I read from your site.


Of all the resources I used to study for my interviews, Interview Cake was far and away the most helpful. The hints, solutions, and cheat sheets provide a really thoughtful way to approach problem solving! The tips I got on the site kept me calm during my interviews. Thanks Parker!

Chris (got the job at Avvo)

The product is amazing.


Every interview I've gone through since I started studying your problem set has included a variation of the questions on Interview Cake! There was one problem that wasn't on here, but I was able to solve it because of the themes you taught. Today I am accepting an offer at a startup in SF!


Pay the money! It's a tiny investment into your future that will yield HUGE results.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

I've looked many many resources from websites to books. But, as an always strugling life-learner, what I've learnt is that it's not enough for an exercise to be solved, you have to understand the thinking-logic behind the actual solution. I think this is a major difference from your material to what currently exists in the market.


Thank you so much for your help!! I actually ended up getting my rankings and I chose a position which I believe I'll get a good benefit from.


Once I started using Interview Cake, it became my primary resource for algorithm problems. The breakdown explanations are just excellent—so thorough and clear.

An (got the job at Pivotal)

I initially bought full access because I had an upcoming technical interview (my first ever..) and it ended up going well! I've been offered a position and will be starting in a couple of weeks! I enjoyed your unique format for presenting the material and plan on eventually making my way through all the questions. I think it'll be equally as useful in sharpening my skills as a new developer as it was in helping with the interview process. Thank you, I'll definitely be spreading the word!


Just got the job at Apple! Thanks for such a great site. This was a very helpful resource for me.

Anonymous (got the job at Apple)

I actually landed an amazing job at the end of May. Thanks for making such a helpful tool!

Anonymous (got the job at Patreon)

I prepared for my interview by solving all the problems in Glossary. I like the way you teach and your website is one of the best resources available on the internet today.

Abhinav (got the job at HP)

I'm job hunting and have used Interview Cake in the past and found the hints/explanations *extremely* helpful for simulating a real interview. I haven't found another site with even close to as good of detailed, helpful information to help job seekers understand the problems and how to approach them in an interview.


It's been a wild ride for me for the past one month with back to back interviews but the best part is that I got a job at Facebook. has been a very useful resource for me throughout the preparation especially when I wanted to do a quick revision for my coding interviews. The content and the approach is really great and enabled me to cover a lot of ground in a short span.

Anonymous (got the job at Facebook)

My actual interview question was similar to Cake questions. I am happy I did not spend a whole lot of time reviewing CLRS from scratch and focused on these 40 questions instead.

Safoora (got the job at Google)

Thanks for the course. I am looking forward to dominating my interviews.


Interview Cake doesn't just teach you problems, it teaches you approaches that can be applied to all problems. With only 44 questions, Interview Cake covers nearly every possible concept tested in tech interviews. I owe this course the start of my professional career.

Shawnee (got the job at Square)

I reviewed every question on your website and attended two interviews at Apple and cleared them both. Though some of it had to do with my 10yr experience but a major chunk was because of the techniques explained on your site.

Anonymous (got the job at Apple)

I went to Dev Bootcamp and the alumnus from the cohort before me with the most success in the job hunt had used Interview Cake. He gave it a big recommendation and said it's all he needed to use for technical interview prep.


Wouldn't have been nearly as confident in my interviews and might not have got my dream internship without this. And the problems are great fun. Thanks!


Interview Cake has been really useful to me. There are a lot of interview questions on the site and a new one coming every week! I especially liked getting hints when I got stuck on a problem.

Sinan (got the job at Ascentis)

Great exercises - good explanations and elegant solutions. Made my brain hurt :). Highly recommend!

Zarif (got the job at ADP)

I highly recommend Interview Cake especially for candidates like me who haven't gone through the interview process in awhile. Solving and understanding all of the challenges puts you in the right mind set and gives you the necessary confidence.


I got an offer from a startup and accepted! Your site helped me a lot. Thank you!


When I started looking for a new job I soon realized I need some help with my technical interview skills and found Interview Cake. It turned out to be the best resource for me to prepare with and I ended up receiving several offers.

Anthony (got the job at Groupon)

If you're going to interview for programming positions, check out Interview Cake. It's great for brushing up on technical interviews and gaining confidence in the format. If you're worried about the price, just remember that it's nothing compared to what you would make from landing that job--and if you don't land a job, you can still get your money back!

Roman (got the job at LinkedIn)

The great thing about Interview Cake is that it moves through the problem step by step to ensure that you understand how the solution works and why. The variety of problems prepared me to effectively tackle technical interviews.


I just wanted to say thank you -- I got an offer from Google for their Engineering Residency program in NYC. I'm super excited. Interview Cake definitely helped me prepare for the Javascript questions they had for me. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

I am very happy to have found Interview Cake. Both the topics and difficulty level are very appropriate for the jobs I interviewed for. Thank you!

Yiting (got the job at IBM)

I'm just writing to let you know I really appreciated your site. The step-by-step breakdowns were great and helped me get back into these kinds of problems. I was interviewing at Facebook and Stripe and ended up getting offers from both.

Anonymous (got the job at Stripe)

I just want to say a big thank you to you. You site is very excellent and helps me understand difficult concepts easily.


I want to thank you for Interview Cake - it's really great stuff. Keep doing this!


As a systems engineer I didn't have much confidence in my rusty coding skills. I found both Interview Cake's questions and glossary very helpful in getting me up to speed.

Flo (got the job at Google)

Parker's meticulous yet easy-to-follow explanation is a passage to your success. My thought process of dynamic programming was improved, so I could tackle similar problems. Not to mention, I nailed my first offer because I fluently answered a question from Interview Cake! Parker rocks!


Hi, yes I landed both Google and Facebook! Thanks for your help.

Anonymous (got the job at Google and Facebook)

Questions and answers are explained in natural way of thinking which makes it easy to understand and improves problem solving thinking process critical for interview. I landed the job I wanted, big thanks to Parker. All the best.

Sagar (got the job at Microsoft)

I cannot thank you enough and really enjoying preparation and studying using your problems and unique way of instruction of the concepts. Its been fun to refresh core concepts, solve problems and understand. You are really doing a great job helping so many people. Thank you for your tremendous effort in putting this site together


I purchased a membership about 6 months ago (or had one purchased for me by Hack Reactor) and I loved the product. It's one of the reasons I have my current job at Optimizely!

Anonymous (got the job at Optimizely)

Interview Cake teaches you the tricks you need to solve the coding interview. It really helped me be confident before interviews, break the problems down and solve them during the interviews. Thanks again! Will recommend Interview Cake to my friends that are looking for jobs.

Hilmar (got the job at Spotify)

The best thing about Interview Cake is the way it stepped through problems. It was like having a tutor working with me. It kept challenging me to find a better solution than the one I already had - and that was exactly how I needed to think for the interview.


Interview Cake was the closest thing to having an actual interviewer on hand. Being able to simulate the type of back and forth you have an in interview was a huge help.

Adam (got the job at Google)

Interview Cake helped me establish a way of thinking for solving interview problems which turned into an efficient technique after practicing through the problems on the website. This helped me land the job at Microsoft!

Krati (got the job at Microsoft)

The top-down approach to problem solving really helps me approach problems constructively.

Zane (got the job at Google)

Due to your website, I got thru Apple. :-) thanks a lot. Great work!!!

Anonymous (got the job at Apple)

Interview Cake was an invaluable tool in helping me prepare for technical interviews. The step-by-step walkthroughs of the necessary thought process for each problem taught me how to think the right way for technical interviews. Unlike any other resources available online.


I have some interviews lined up and this is a good source of coaching, it keeps me motivated and reminds to do my daily reading and practice questions.

Anonymous (got the job at Yelp)

Interview Cake is surely one of the best and most thought provoking ways to prepare for a coding interview. In my Amazon interview, I was asked 2 coding problems. And both were very close to what I had studied using Interview Cake. I was able to solve both the problems and I got the job. I would highly recommend Interview Cake for all the people who want to crack coding interviews.

Sangam (got the job at Amazon)

After 2 weeks of preparing with Interview Cake, the interview questions were a piece of cake!

Karim (got the job at Amazon)

Landed a job at Facebook :) it has been a great resource for me to practice!

Anonymous (got the job at Facebook)

Just signed an offer with Google! Thanks for your help!

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Interview Cake really helped me tackle new problems I've never seen before. It helped me land a job at Amazon - thanks Parker!


I found Interview Cake very useful during my preparation for my interview with Amazon. I'm happy to say that they are going to make me an offer! I really like the way the site provides hints and doesn't give away the answer right away.

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon)

Interview Cake helped me getting all knowledge and technics to tackle the coding interview, and above all you'll just get a refund if you don't succeed! Is one of the safest investments in my career I've ever done


I want to personally thank Parker for all the encouragement and support he has given me with my job search. I also want to give credit to his website for giving me real practical test problems that concentrate on the many varied algorithm questions that are asked by some of the biggest tech giants in the world. His approach to giving out hints in a 'piece-meal' fashion towards the final answer is an excellent way of learning how to approach these difficult problems.

Marlin (got the job at Lockheed Martin)

I bought Interview Cake because after asking some of my friends, they told me they also used it. They said the only regret they had was that they did not use it more.


Your course definitely helped OVER-prepare me for the whiteboarding portion so it was a breeze. Also happy to report that I got the job offer! Thanks again and best regards!


Using Interview Cake improved my confidence, skill, and speed in solving coding challenges in real interviews, and helped me land an attractive job offer.

Sally (got the job at Ellie Mae)

I had a great experience with Interview Cake. The questions and hints make you think! And Parker is a great mentor. He's answered the silliest questions I've asked! Thanks a lot Parker!

Poorva (got the job at Ford)

Interview Cake thoroughly prepared me for some of my most challenging interviews. It offers a unique step by step walkthrough in solving difficult problems. Thanks Parker!


I've read all of the other interview guidebooks cover-to-cover and I've found that Interview Cake is by far the best. The sample questions in Interview Cake are far more representative of questions asked during real interviews than the sample questions found in other books.


Interview Cake's teaching style is very effective– the incremental hints and thorough explanations were key in helping me understand the material. I felt well prepared going into programming interviews.

Chris (got the job at Google)

Thanks Parker! Interview Cake had the most accurate problem set I've seen for what most programming interviews are like.

Marc (got the job at Twitch)

Thx, Parker. I already landed a job. I will continue making use of the site for the upcoming year. Great material.


I found a lot of resources to prepare for technical interviews. Interview Cake is the only one that explains /how to think/ when you're solving problems. And it really works!


I subscribed for Interview Cake late last year. While I did not necessarily get a question directly from the question Bank, it definitely gave me a very systematic framework to solve problems quickly and enabled me to land 7 on-site interviews and ace 6 of them.


I am happy to say I have several solid offers in hand, and practicing Interview Cake problems was certainly quite helpful for me. Thanks for putting together valuable material.


Pass or fail I do not want money back. My reason? I learned so much just by signing up. I never thought about all these approaches to a problem and all because of this interview, studying for it and Interview Cake. Just goes to show I still have a lot to learn. You deserve more praises and there should be more people like you.


Interview Cake has been my go to for coding interview prep. It emphasizes both fundamentals and problem solving skills while still keeping the exercises interesting. 10/10 would recommend

Kyle (got the job at Facebook)

I only used Interview Cake for about a week before my first technical interview (ever), but the interview went great. I breezed through building an "nth lucas number" generator and a sorting challenge similar to Problem #4. After an interview with the founders, I was offered a job and felt confident to negotiate my salary. I'm happy to report I start work on Monday as a junior, front-end dev for a well respected data visualization firm. Thanks!


I wouldn't have dreamed of a job like this six months ago, but these practice problems made all the difference. Highly recommended

Evan (got the job at Vertafore)

I came across Interview Cake yesterday and was really impressed by the step by step approach of building the logic.It was very helpful! Your site is a class apart from the rest of coding question sites out there.


Interview Cake helped me so much when I needed to accelerate my learning for interviews. If you need something to use as a study guide, check it out :D

John Paul (got the job at Microsoft)

As opposed to a book--where you either have the answer or don't--Interview Cake approaches each problem step by step, teaching you the *whole* process of finding a solution. It's unique, and very well done!

Guilherme (got the job at Microsoft)

​Yes, landed first and only gig I was applying for. Your problem set and walk-through guides were informative and interesting. Thank you for creating the site.

Anonymous (got the job at SpaceX)

It's been going great! Have a couple offers. Thanks so much for your awesome site!

Anonymous (got the job at PayPal)

I got rejected in 2016 for a Google summer internship, so I decided to work harder for 2017. Interview Cake helped me a lot, the two rounds of interviews went much better, and guess who has an internship now ? =P

Jessica (got the job at Google)

Parker — Thanks for all your help preparing for interviews, I actually look forward to answering Interview Cake questions and really appreciate the approachable explanations and clean code. Keep it up!

Tim (got the job at Google)

Interview Cake​​ code challenges helped me get into the mindset of explaining why a solution was valid ​instead of simply implementing an answer​. It's more important to know how the ​features actually work than just cranking out the code.​​

Sebastian (got the job at Citadel)

I've found Interview Cake to be one of the best online platforms to prepare for tech interviews. I'd say that its the only platform that actually understands the nuances of interviews and how to best prepare candidates for such tests.


I got the job! Your challenges helped get my brain in the right place.

Anonymous (got the job at Atlassian)

You are awesome!!!! This stuff is amazing... You rock...


I accepted a position with a new company as an iOS engineering manager. Your questions were great for helping me be prepared and also feel more confident in my technical knowledge. Thank you!


I had a few question on sorting, Big O, and some brain teaser during the I was happy I got prepared for that! I'm so happy with Interview Cake that I will continue doing the problems even though I have found a job now.


I have got a job offer at Google and will start working there in 2 weeks. I really appreciate you replying to my question about a problem and the way you explained gave me a lot insights on how to approach problems and find a solution.

Anonymous (got the job at Google)

Thanks for being a great coach! For answering all my questions, teaching me how to approach a new problem, how to think well and come up with multiple solutions and importance of understanding the tradeoffs of different approaches, how to be a better engineer :) I couldn't have asked for more!

Haripriya (got the job at Microsoft)

Interview Cake teaches you how to think through algorithmic questions, which is much more important than just regurgitating code. The solution is the least important part of these types of questions! Thinking (and talking) through the problem is what matters, and that's what Interview Cake's format teaches you.

Kevin (got the job at Google)

I got offers from Amazon and Uber! I was also invited to on-site interviews with Facebook and Airbnb, but ended up declining those. Thanks for your excellent resources!

Anonymous (got the job at Amazon and Uber)

Interview Cake nails the most commonly used Data Structures and Algorithms asked in coding rounds and covers them thoroughly. Further, It's pretty cool that the interviewing format is baked into the UI.


The tips and tricks they give you are gold! I would read through them even if I solved the problem myself because they were so helpful in guiding me to the right thought process.

Gary (got the job at ThoughtSpot)

I've heard Interview Cake is better than Gayle Lachman's Cracking the Coding Interview and seeing so many people overcome their imposter syndrome through working with your product makes me feel like I could maybe get over it myself :)


Interview Cake helped make me very relaxed and comfortable in my interviews. I could concentrate on connecting with my interviewer because I knew I was strong in my algorithms

Jeff (got the job at Amazon)

I really love how all facets of the problem are shown step by step, for instance, how you can think of a brute force algorithm first, and then reduce it in time to n or logn. It has certainly been the missing key in interviewing.


Just wanted to let you know that I got the offer from Google :) Thanks and keep up the good work

Joy (got the job at Google)

Interview Cake made all the difference for me. The questions are unmatched in caliber, and the web interface simulates real coding interviews. It's very challenging and therefore totally worth it.

Mikhail (got the job at Bank of America)

I started Interview Cake a few weeks before my interview. It really gave me an edge and made me feel more confident with appropriate and challenging practice problems. Thanks!

Jake (got the job at Google)

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help. Your program was one of my most essential go-tos during my job process and helped me get a job at Oracle! Keep up the awesome work, your program is hitting all the right notes.

Anonymous (got the job at Oracle)

Whenever I have a friend ask me how I switched careers, I say that the confidence to take a technical interview came from Interview Cake.


Interview Cake solidified my basic concept of computer science. I love the way they walk through a question step by step. It's really helpful as I'm not a computer science major.


Interview Cake helped me quickly brush up on the programming questions that I hadn't worked with since college. The problems were very similar to the ones that I had to solve during my technical phone screenings. Thanks for making a great product!

Caleb (got the job at MailChimp)

My interview is on the 25th and I am practicing questions from Interview Cake website.I like the way the questions are structured and way you explain answers. It is great.


I am excited and happy to tell you that I got a job offer from Microsoft. Practicing Interview Cake questions definitely helped me crack the interview.

Anonymous (got the job at Microsoft)

I'd like to thank you for this program. Interview Cake is a really awesome tool for validating and reviewing concepts. It's also very efficient in the sense that it covers a wide variety of topics with a very elegant and consistent approach.

Gustavo (got the job at Amazon)

Using Interview Cake (and a whiteboard!) helped me feel confident and comfortable during my very first technical interview. So much so that I got the job!

Zach (got the job at Vudu/Walmart E-Commerce)

Unbelievable, but your site guided me through an extensive practicing session and finally helped me to get the job I wanted. I think I would not have been able to crack the interviews without this very unique and comprehensive collection of problems and solutions.

Tilman (got the job at NVIDIA)

Score one for your guarantee! The interactive format was more engaging than books.

Trevor (got the job at Microsoft)

The studying is been going well. Your site is pretty awesome and has been super helpful. I have an offer from my first loop and have a few more in-house loops to go for other companies.


Thanks for all the support that you provide through your emails even before one upgrades his/her account. It is not just technically enlightening but even psychologically comforting too.


It's a great source on thinking process training, one-of-a-kind, and not only for the interviews but for the day-to-day stuff also. Recommended if you don't know Knuth by heart!

Pavel (got the job at

Interview Cake mimics an actual interview experience - the hints are gradual enough to nudge you in the correct direction so you can learn the thought process needed to succeed.

Zach (got the job at Qualtrics)

Interview Cake was a great help in preparing for my interview. The hints and detailed explanations allow you to figure problems out for yourself and learn the thought process needed for interviews. Plus, you get a refund if you don't get the job.

Philip (got the job at Google)

I bought Interview Cake because of the format: small hints that lead up to the big picture. I'm trying to shake off some rust after about 10 years of strictly management experience, and it's helping me get back in the groove without spoon-feeding me answers.


I enjoyed sharpening my skills on the questions. A great review, since it's been a few years since I learned this stuff.


I bought Interview Cake because the questions are fun and the step by step hints are a huge help. Thank you!!


The questions were really great and the way the hints were provided was very helpful. I would recommend Interview Cake to anyone who is going to face a programming interview.

Ratul (got the job at ZS Associates)

I accepted a full-time offer from Palantir earlier this week. Thank you for the great website.

Anonymous (got the job at Palantir)
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